21+ Quick & Actionable SEO Tips To Use In 2022

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important part of any website, business or any online website.

It was not easy to write down all about SEO in a single post where I have shared many quick SEO tips that will improve search engine visibility of your site.

Using these SEO tips, I’m able to drive over 10 million visits from the search engine in the last one year alone.

I will try to explain some points in brief or link to sources, where you can find detailed information regarding the same.

Useful & Quick SEO Tips for Everyone:

So, I assume you have a site of yours or you starting one soon. In all the cases, try to implement all these SEO tips mentioned below and if you have one to add, you can always suggest via comment.

1. Use FAQ’s schema to target questions:

FAQ schema is one of the newest SEO tips that you should take advantage of. Using FAQ’s you can target long-tail keyword easily, and hence drive more targeted traffic to your website. 

The process is simple, use any of the keyword research tools to find questions around your main target query, use FAQ schema feature of your favourite SEO plugin to answer those questions within the article. Here is a video that shows how to use this feature. 

2. Word Limit:

Using the appropriate word limit will help you to rank on the first page of Google. The big question you may ask is, what is the idle word limit? Well, this is subjective, and I highly recommend you to read my earlier guide on long form content and watch this video to learn more about this subject:

3. Interlinking:

Interlink one pages another on your website: When you link back, make sure to take care of anchor text technique. For WordPress, you can use Linkwhisper plugin to automate the process.

4. Use Table of content:

This is another nice little SEO tip that would help your articles/pages to get more CTR. Using table of content for your long form content helps in better navigation for your users, as well as it helps in earning jump links in Google SERP. Here is a video guide on how to use this feature:

5. Start tracking your keyword ranking:

One of the easiest way to level up your website SEO game is by track your keyword ranking. This one tip would ensure you know how your SEO efforts are playing out. More over, you would know on which keywords you need to pay more attention to, thus helping you stay focused.

There are plethora of such rank tracking tools available in the market, and you should pick the one based on your budget:


6. Run a site SEO audit:

If you are feel your website SEO is not up to the mark, a site SEO audit is what you need. Tools like SEMRush offers complete Site SEO audit, which helps in finding those technical SEO errors, which is otherwise impossible to identify.

These tools are simple to use, and it generates report that you can use yourself or assign a teammate to fix all the existing SEO errors. More over, you can run another audit to compare if your changes has improved overall SEO score of your website or not.

7. Create Social media profiles:

Social media profiles is one easy way to get some juicy backlinks to your website. Also, claiming your brand username on social media platform early helps in protecting your brand name in the future. You can use tools like namechk.com to see your brand name availability. Make sure, you add your website URL in the description or URL field of your social media profile.

8. Lightweight images:

Make sure to use lightweight images, what it meant is; your images should be low in size, and should not be slowing down your website. There are two techniques that helps a lot:

  • Using image compression software. If you are using WordPress, use Shortpixel plugin.
  • Use a CDN: CDN ensures your pages load faster in the different geo locations. You can find some of the best WordPress CDN here.

9. Social proof:

If you are into a niche like health, YMYL (Your money, your life) kinda niche, you should add social proof on your homepage. You can read about Social proof here.

10. Link to high quality pages on web:

Don’t be afraid of linking out: Read about the benefits of outbound links.

11. Always avoid using Flash :Flash: engine bots find it hard to crawl flash file & in most of the cases they ignore them. So, find an alternative solution.

12. Build quality backlinks, not just backlinks: Focus on quality instead of quantity.

13. Add Alt tags to images:

Use your keyword in image alt texts: If you have read about On page optimization or our Image SEO optimization guide, you will realize how images can boost your blog SEO.

14. Use bold and italics to mark keyword and important words in your contents. Improves the scanability of your content.

15. Instead of focusing on Keyword density, use LSI keywords.

16. Use Schema

17. Use Knowledge graph

18. Use structural mark-ups like subheads, bullets and bold. : This will give better user experience and you can target keywords in h2, h3 tags too.

19. Keyword research:

This single SEO strategy alone could boost your site organic traffic by a great extent. Create content strategy using Keyword research. Here is a guide for newbies to getting started with Keyword research.

20. Create as much content about your products or subject as you can. Though avoid keyword cannibalization.

21. Make sure the cascading style sheet (CSS) is less than 10KB.

22. Don’t use images for navigation buttons, it’s far better to have a text (this is also good for internal linking).

Above mentioned point is a quick checklist for everyone here. Add your one SEO tip to make this list bigger.

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